Out of Town Patients

Since 1999, patients from all over the world have been treated at Wellspring Clinic.

Some have travelled from other parts of Canada, including: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec, whilst others have come from many different countries, including: the Netherlands, United States, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore and many more!

In order to accommodate patients from out of town, Wellspring Clinic has designed the following program:


You travel to Vancouver for 6 to 10 days during which time you will receive 18 Acupuncture treatments.


Wellspring Clinic will provide you with a 3 month-supply of your specific herbal recipe to take back home with you. These must be taken every day in the form of a tea. Once the 3 months is completed, you are advised to undergo an eye exam and visual field test by your specialist. Then, the cycle starts again, and you travel back to Vancouver to start the next round of treatment.

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