Dr Yu explains why he treats Retinitus Pigmentosa Dr.Yu: "Why I started treating RP"
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Treating Retinitis Pigmentosa with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Wellspring Clinic Education

Knowledge is power. Our body is a magical healing machine. With proper nourishment and care, our body could heal and repair itself simultaneously. How to care this valuable machine? What food is best for health? Is there any way people could help themselves in minor health complaints?


Based on his 20+ years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and public health, Dr. Weidong Yu gives regular public educational seminars on topics of wellness, health promotion, and self healing therapy.



Public/Patient Education

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Wellspring Clinic Eye Exercise

Dr. Yu leads you through the exercises you need to prepare for treatment, or to maintain the healing process.










Wellspring Clinic Seminar

In this seminar, Dr Weidong Yu will share views on health, common risk factors for eye disorders, TCM healing methods for Retinitis Pigmentosa, glaucoma, retinal detachment as well as self-healing exercises.












Professional Education Programs

Soon you will be able to study online and get professional training from Dr. Yu.





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